Shipping Costs:

Diseno Sistudio Ltda. in the value published in the website does not include the cost of shipping, and varies depending service of delivey of the purchaser choice, size, weight and shipping destination. This value is calculated automatically by the site and must be paid together with confirmation of your purchase.

Receiveing Shipments:

If the product  is refuse by  you or whoever is in that moment at the address  for a reason other than Sistudio  responsibility, the shipping costs will not be returned.

The responsibility of the person making the delivery shall be limited to:

  1. Make product delivery at the address indicated.

  2. Make a visual check to verify product status physical damage.

The manager's office is not empowered to assemble and install any product, specialized services for it. These additional services can be found at and may involve an additional cost will be informed prior to services.


The office manager should not disarm doors, windows or modify the space to deliver the desired product by the customer. If the size of the product prevents the delivery is made at the place specified by the customer, it must accept the receipt as elsewhere in the home that allows it. In the event that the product can not be delivered due to the impossibility of entering the home, the value of the firm to a new address or the same after the problem remedied by the property owner, will cost the customer.