Si Studio

About us

We start functioning in Milan in 2009 making design based in recycling quotidian. We observe our environment and interpret every day life and our idiosyncrasy in objects and design projects. In 2011, we establish ourselves in Chile adding a conceptual and experimental vision to native design.

In Si, we design with the intention of generating valuable experiences for the consumer and the collective consciousness. For this, our work methodology is thorough in investigation related to background research and viability prior to design. We pay attention to respect in the different stages of work, looking after the environment and quality in human relations. This working spirit strengthens us to cumply fully our quality compromise with our clients.


Si Studio Areas

Product Development

We take care of the complete process of creating and launching a new product into the market.


In this area we design for other national and international brands. They take care of the production of designs, we grant them the merchandising rights and in return we obtain a royalty.



Our approach in this area are installations designed for specific spaces , using a wide range of media as source of inspiration and projection. The idea is to create a conceptual experience based in a particular environment. We usually try that the installation functions as an interactive experience.



Si Studio is directed by Verónica Posada, industrial designer. Actually, Constanza López, project manager and Paula Navarrete, art director, complete Si team.


Verónica Posada

Begins her industrial design studies in Universidad Diego Portales University. In 2007 she moves to Milan to undertake an Interior Design Master in the Scuola Politecnica di Milano. At the same time she works in the Italian architecture and design office “A12”.

In february 2008, after a job offer, she travels to NY and joins the Architecture Studio GTECTS, managed by the architect Gordon Kipping.

In the begining of 2011, settled in santiago, Chile, she starts building up a interdisciplinary working team to base Si Studio definitely in santiago, Chile.

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