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To receive any presentation or claims related to acts or contracts executed or entered into through this site is designated Mrs. Veronica Posada representing Diseno Sistudio Ltda. RUT. 76.127.774-K both residing at Ismael Valdes Vergara,340 office 81, Santiago, Chile.



Any person may make purchases on this site. Simply make a purchase will assume that you know these Terms and Conditions.



In relation to our website (www.shopsistudio.com), makes this statement Sistudio security and privacy in order to demonstrate and communicate its commitment to a business that practice high ethical standards and equipped with appropriate internal controls.



Our site is protected by a wide variety of security measures such as change control procedures, passwords and physical access controls. We also use other mechanisms to ensure that the information you provide will not be lost, misused or inappropriately modified. These controls include confidentiality policies and regular backup databases. Everyone who works in Sistudio must sign a confidentiality agreement that protects your private information.



The registration form from our website asks users to enter information such as your name, email address, physical address and telephone number among others. This information is used to answer queries about our products and services, billing and ship orders. It is also used to maintain contact with our customers. Under no circumstances will this information be shared with external companies of Diseno Sistudio Ltda.



Sistudio not capture any information regarding your credit card, this process being redirected to Pay Pal. and performing the entire payment process servers. Any questions or problems resulting from the transaction on their servers should be addressed directly to Pay Pal or the issuer of the respective credit card.



Diseno Sistudio Ltda.  will never call or send an email requesting personal information or credit card. If you receive such a call please contact our company immediately. If possible, report the telephone number or email which received the request for information Diseno Sistudio Ltda. will contact only for issues relating to the contents of your order, do not give any other information.



This site may contain links to other sites. Diseno sistudio Ltda. is not responsible for the security or privacy practices or content of those sites. Also Sistudio does not endorse any product or service offered on such sites. Sistudio is not responsible for the content that other sites can refer to products,  prices or information on Sistudio., Being the sole responsibility of those who publish.  http://www.shopsistudio.com www.shopsistudio.com and  www.sistudio.cl  can modify products, offers, prices and content at the time it deems appropriate, being the only act of its publication on the site sufficient notice to its customers, is not necessary to notify other sites of these changes, remain the responsibility of their administrators to update the information.



If they have a malfunction or materials within 3 months after purchase, will be repaired or replaced prior authorized service evaluation of the product manufacturer, who will determine whether the fault is attributable to the product or was caused by improper handling of this.


Request for withdrawal of products:
If you wish to request the removal of your purchase,can do it through e-mail box to contacto@sistudio.cl This should state the exact conditions under which is the product: its original packaging, level of use and level of damage if applicable. The cost of removal will then be taken by the client in the event that the fault is outside the responsibility of Sistudio. If the product is not in the proposed conditions, Sistudi will not make the withdrawal of the product. In that case, the client must communicate with Sistudio Design Ltd. to coordinate a second retirement, if applicable given the new conditions, the cost will be borne by the customer again.
Products must be disarmed, the carrier shall not remove assembled product, either with or without damage.


If a product was assembled by the customer and you notice a fault must disarm the product and request the change. The failure will be determined by Sistudio.
Once Sistudio certifies that the failure is attributable to flaws in the product, Sistudio repair the product with no additional cost to you. If the fault is not attributable to defects in workmanship or materials, request a quote for the product repair. If you decide to accept value the repair, must pay the total over arrangements and shipment once repaired. If you do not accept the value of the budget should cancel the release of the product value to your home.



Shall only be accepted within 8 working days if the product is received  and damaged ( in the original packaging). The cost of returning the products shall be for the account of the purchaser. Sistudio shall then refund the amount paid for the product within 30 days.


If you have any questions about our Terms & Conditions, the practices used on this site, or your customer relationship with our company can be contacted by emailing contacto@sistudio.cl.