Si Studio & Ventura Lam... |

Each April, Salone Satellite of Milano, announces the beginning of a new year of design. Since 2010, a new exhibition takes great force in the city and worldwide: Ventura Lambrate. Everything begins when an experienced curatorial team joins the project of rescuing the industrial zone of Lambrate, so the first exhibition under the name of Ventura Lambrate takes place. Due to the success of the show, one of the most important districts fuori salone, is born in Milano, and Ventura Projects is transformed into an important exhibition format around the world. This 2013, Si Studio is invited to participate in Ventura Lambrate. Warehouse is the place where the exhibition takes place with 42 design studios focused on creativity and conceptual content. The Ventura Lambrate experience, gratifies the work with an excellent reception to the designs and Si Studio begins to open itself a space in the area of “storytelling objects” and “conceptual design”.